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Conference 2014 – Programme


Roots of restlessness?

Translations in times of Disruption

2nd Conference of the University of Oxford’s

Interdisciplinary Research Network Translations in Transnational Contexts  

The Dorfman Centre, St. Peter’s College, Oxford, Saturday 10 May 2014



9.30 am Registration (Coffee & Tea)

10–12 Panel Translating Constitutions in the Age of Revolution  Proponent/Chair: Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers

  •  Prof. Horst Dippel (University of Kassel; keynote address): Can constitutions be translated?: The case of the Cadiz Constitution in German
  •  Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers (University of Oxford): From Philos Hispaniae to Karl Marx: life and afterlife of the first English translation of a Liberal Codex
  •  Prof. David Hook (Oxford): Distant Disruption? The 1836 Italian Translation of the Constitution of Cadiz and its Commentary on Carlism
  •  Dr. Igor Mednikov (Russian State University for the Humanities): The Cadiz Constitution in Russia: translations and local impact in the nineteenth century     (unable to attend)
  •  Dr. M.C. Mirow (Florida International University College of Law): Translating into stone: the monument to the Constitution of Cádiz in St. Augustine, Florida (1813-1814)
  •  Dr. Eduardo Posada-Carbó (Oxford) Translating the US Constitution for the Federal Cause in New Granada at the time of Independence

11.40 – 12 Discussion

12-1.30 pm Lunch at nearby restaurant Angrid Thai

1.30-2.30 pm Panel Translating medical texts during epidemics and imperial crises Proponent/Chair: Dr. Erica Charters

  • Edna Bonhomme (Princeton University) The Bubonic Plague, Death Rituals, and Cemeteries in Eighteenth Century Tunis
  • Teodora Daniela Sechel (Karl Franzens Universität, Graz, and Central European University, Budapest) The Politics of Medical Translations in the 18th Century Habsburg Monarchy

2.10-2.30 Discussion

2.30-3.30 pm Panel Translating for war and for peace in the 19th century Chair: Prof. Brian Hamnett and/or Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers

  • Dr. Jo Crow (University of Bristol): Translating Autonomy: Indigenous Mapuche Interpreters in Post-Independence Chile?
  • Dr. Alicia Laspra-Rodríguez (University of Oviedo), A True Translation”: Translation as a weapon in the Peninsular War (1808-1814)

3.10-3.30 Discussion

3.30-3.50 pm Tea break

3.50-5.05 pm Panel Literary translation confronted to the challenges of war, radicalism and globalization Chair: Dr. Jonathan Thacker

  • Dr. Agustín Coletes-Blanco (Oviedo): Anglo-Spanish transfers in Peninsular War poetry (1808-1814): Translating and zero-translating
  • Tamara de Inés Antón (University of Manchester): Peripheralizing Women’s Agency and Political Radicalism for the Anglophone Market: The Case of Nicaraguan Women Writers and its Anthologies of Poetry in Translation
  • Dr. Gemma Martínez-Garrido (University of Kent): Globalization and the Invasion of English Language in Audiovisual Translation: The Translation of Minority Languages in Film Subtitling

4.45-5.05 Discussion

5.05-6.15 pm Panel Dynastic wars, post-revolutions, and resistance  Chair: Prof. David Hook

  • Dr. Emily A. Winkler (Oxford): The Translation of Dynasty (and dynastic conflict) in Britain’s Medieval Chronicles
  • Dr. Jennifer Rushworth (Oxford): Translating Petrarch after the French Revolution  
  •  Katarzyna Szymanska (Oxford): Translation as Resistance to the Original: The Case of Two Novels Translated in the Communist Poland

6.15-6.40 Discussion on plans for publications and future of the network Translations in Transnational Contexts  

7 pm Dinner (informal arrangement to be announced)


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