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2015 – A year for translating research


Translation is far from becoming a crowded field of enquiry, but it is certainly an area that is attracting increasing interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary attention. Here is an example, useful perhaps for drawing some intellectual stimulation and encouragement while working on drafts and revisions of our own research. It is the most recent special issue of the journal History of European Ideas which is wholly dedicated to the topic of Translation, reception and Enlightened Reform based on single case – that of the French thinker François Véron Duverger de Forbonnais in eighteenth-century political economy. Below is a link to the journal’s webpage and a copy of the Table of Contents. Enjoy!


Webpage: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rhei20/40/8#.VIM7GKhFCM8

VOL 40; ISSUE 8 (2014)
ISSN 0191-6599
• pp.1011-1025
Translation, Reception and Enlightened Reform: The Case of Forbonnais in Eighteenth-Century Political Economy
Alimento, A.
• pp.1026-1043
Between Utrecht and the War of the Austrian Succession: The Dutch Translation of the British Merchant of 1728
Stapelbroek, K.
• pp.1044-1066
Beyond the Treaty of Utrecht: Veron de Forbonnais’s French Translation of the British Merchant (1753)
Alimento, A.
• pp.1067-1086
Veron de Forbonnais and Plumard de Dangeul as Translators of Uztariz and Ulloa
Guasti, N.
• pp.1087-1107
Forbonnais and the Discovery of the `Science of Commerce’ in Spain (1755-1765)
Astigarraga, J.
• pp.1108-1129
The Spanish Translation of the Elemens du Commerce by Francois Veron Duverger de Forbonnais: A Linguistic Analysis
Carpi, E.
• pp.1130-1150
The `New Science of Commerce’ in the Holy Roman Empire: Veron de Forbonnais’s Elemens du commerce and its German Readers
Cavarzere, M.
• pp.1151-1188
Translation as Import Substitution: The Portuguese Version of Veron de Forbonnais’s Elemens du commerce
Lupetti, M.; Guidi, M.E.L.
• pp.1189-1201
Landmarks of Economic Terminology: The First Portuguese Translation of Elemens du commerce
Silvestre, J.P.; Villalva, A.; Cardeira, E.
• pp.1202-1216
For the Sake of the Republic: The Dutch Translation of Forbonnais’s Elemens du commerce
Nijenhuis, I.



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