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Conference 2014 – Thank you!


We would like to thank all participants to our second conference ‘Roots of Rootlessness?: Translations in Times of Disruption’ (St. Peter’s College, University of Oxford, 10 May 2014) for making the meeting such a successful and memorable event both in terms of the high level of academic discussion and of friendly personal interaction.
The depth and breadth of your comments was staggering and demonstrated that the network is not only gaining in membership numbers, but also in intellectual vibrancy and diversity.



(Photo shows some of the participants at the entrance of St. Peter’s College. From right to left: Prof Horst Dippel, Dr. Alicia Laspra Rodriguez, Dr. Glynn Redworth, Dr. Eduardo Posada-Carbó, Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers, Dr. Agustín Coletes-Blanco, Dr. Daniela Sechel, Dr. Jo Crow, Dr. Matthew Mirow, Ms. Edna Bonhomme, Dr Emily Winkler, Dr. Jonathan Thacker)

We shall be soon in touch directly with speakers with a draft of a short panels’ report and a memo in relation to our discussions regarding publication outlet and style sheet.

Organisers & Network Co-ordinators:
Prof. David Hook, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers, Faculty of History and St. Peter’s College
Dr. Jonathan Thacker, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages and Merton College.

Translations in Transnational Contexts
An interdisciplinary research network at the University of Oxford
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