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The network “Translations in Transnational Contexts” aims to bring together scholars interested in the challenges, opportunities and outcomes resulting from the act of translating from one language and/or culture to others. It is well-known that many works, both literary and non-literary, have been more widely read and have had a greater impact in translations than in their original languages. The same often applies to verbal and non-verbal communications. How and why this came about, however, has received little academic attention. This network seeks to address this important area of human activity from a multiplicity of disciplines and methodologies. A wide variety of topics will be addressed such as cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary borrowings and exchanges, issues of adaptation and appropriation, concepts of equivalence and hierarchy, among others.

The group’s inception dates to the fortuitous discovery in 2012 that work on translations of the Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy (1812) into other European languages – English (1813), Italian (1813-1821), French (1814-1821), German (1820) – was being carried out independently in two faculties of the University of Oxford: Modern Languages (Prof. David Hook) and History (Dr Graciela Iglesias Rogers). The realisation that different versions of a text produced by the Cortes in Cadiz, the first Parliament in history to have  substantial and active representation by members coming from three continents (Europe, America and Asia), were being studied simultaneously from different perspectives gave rise to an embryonic network of collaboration to which colleagues working on other translated works (literary and non-literary), and from different departments (History of Art, English, Philosophy) are enthusiastically offering their experience and different approaches. Our intention is to consolidate and expand this group in order to establish a mutually supportive scholarly community capable of leaving a lasting legacy in the form of published articles, books, and the organization of seminar series.

Join the Network!

Membership is open to scholars from all disciplines and university departments.

Contact the interim coordinators:

Professor David Hook (david.hook@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk ) and/or

Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers (graciela.iglesiasrogers@history.ox.ac.uk)

Dr. Jonathan Thacker (jonathan.thacker@merton.ox.ac.uk )


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