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Translations in Transnational Contexts:  Ideas, Methods and Approaches

8 May 2013, 2.30-5.30 pm

Venue: The Graduate Training Room, Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter, Woodstock Road, OX2 6GG.

It is well-known that many works, both literary and non-literary, have been more widely read and have had a greater impact in translations than in their original languages. The same often applies to verbal and non-verbal communications. How and why this came about, however, has received little academic attention. Through publications, events and a dynamic virtual presence, the network Translations in Transnational Contexts aims to bring together scholars interested in the challenges, opportunities and outcomes resulting from the act of translating from one language and/or culture to others. We seek to address this important area of human activity from a multiplicity of disciplines and methodologies.

This event will be showcasing the research potential of the group through the presentation of at least five examples of topics typical of the interdisciplinary approaches and subjects to be explored by our community of scholars.  There will be speakers from three different Oxford faculties. This will be also an occasion to discuss new ideas and projects, so informal and brief (under 10-minute) presentations from potential members of the group are particularly welcome.

Come and join us!

For more information, contact the interim coordinators:Professor David Hook (david.hook@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk ) and/or Dr. Graciela Iglesias Rogers (graciela.iglesiasrogers@history.ox.ac.uk).


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